Importation UNITEC Import inc.
620 Cathcart, suite 721-723
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 1M1
Tel.: (514) 954-1225 - Fax: (514) 954-1226


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Company Profile

UNITEC specializes in imports of tools equipments and machinery in the jewelry, watchmaking and electronics field.

Our customers gave us the reputation of being unbeatable in our prices.

From a drill bit priced $.1.15 to a diamond scale of $.4.000,00, we are here to serve you. We supply you in the above fields : tools, equipment, machinery, chemicals, packaging and many others. See our products.

Our buying force which together our sales force brings you the best possible brands and needs from Europe, Far East and U.S.A.

We represent companies for their quality, service and backing their products.

Donít wait any longer, call us because your needs are just a step away from your telephone.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Unitec Inc.

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